U3 Station 1: Vocabulary and pronunciation

Access 6, Unit 3 (WB.42/20 - although etc.)

The moving frontier

Contact clause

How do you become a carpenter today? - Lückentext-Aufgabe

Asia - Lückentext-Aufgabe

Dolphins - Lückentext-Aufgabe

What is there to see in Los Angeles? - Lückentext-Aufgabe

Sharks - Lückentext-Aufgabe

Question tags 1 (2. Lernjahr)

Breakout Civil Rights Video

GLN 4 F2 Focus on the New World_Voabulary

GLN 4B The 1627 Pilgrim Village_The Wampanoag Way

Fill the gaps - Year 5

Mixed bag

irregular verbs 2

Hobbamock's Homesite

Tabloid vs. broadsheet


California quiz

GLN 4 Unit 4 Vocab


Test Video Training

the imperative

Green Line 2 - BW - irregular verbs - Unit 4

Lighthouse 2 Unit 1 195


Present Progressive

Job Application

Englisch - Memory zum Kennenlernen der Sprache (Tag der offenen Tür)